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Importance of Periodic Maintenance

CAR CARE IS BETTER THAN REPAIR. Find out what are the common car maintenance mtyhs and be informed of the truth about Honda Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS).

Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service

Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service

Honda understands the importance of your time and how you value your car, such that car servicing should be fast and hassle free!
The introduction of “Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service” gives you Quick but Quality service at no extra cost! (60 minute service includes Repair, Carwash and Billing)

Pair Technician on High Gear

Two (2) Certified Honda Technicians working simultaneously for that Quick and Quality Service!

60 Minutes Complete Service

Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance (PM) Service time shall start once you have approved and signed your Repair Order until the Service Advisor informs you that your vehicle is ready for release.

No Skipped Process

Aside from regular Parts and Fluids replacement, over 45 Check Items will be inspected, thus, securing your vehicle in tip top condition

For details and appointment call Service Department at 8995-3216 or 09178446632.

Airbag Safety Recall


Honda Sure Save PM Voucher

"Sure Save" is Honda's Value-Adding option that will allow you to receive increasing discounts on Parts, Lubes, and Labor during your Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits through the use of Special Honda Vouchers. The more vouchers you complete, the bigger your PM rewards and discounts!

For only Php 300.00, purchase a TOPAZ Voucher and get 15% discount on Parts and Lubes and 10% discount on Labor for two (2) consecutive visits.

After two consecutive PM visits, get a RUBY Voucher with 20% discount on Parts and Lubes and 10% discount on Labor for two (2) consecutive visits.

After two more consecutive PM visits, get a DIAMOND Voucher with 30% discount on Parts and Lubes and 10% discount on Labor for two (2) consecutive visits.

Honda Genuine Additives

Honda Protect Plus

The Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty provides customers with an additional warranty of 2 years or 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This is on top of the standard 3-year warranty, and takes effect on the 4th year of the vehicle, after the standard warranty has lapsed.

Transferable at no cost and refundable at minimal cost, this extended warranty is aimed at giving our valued customers peace of mind, protection from unexpected repair expenses, quality service and genuine parts, and increase in resale value of vehicle.

The Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty has the same coverage, exclusions, and owner responsibilities with the standard warranty. It is available for purchase for all buyers of any Honda vehicle. Buyers may purchase it together with their new Honda vehicle, or at any time within 30 days (or their 1,000KM check-up whichever comes first), or from the release of the vehicle.

Note: Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty is an optional purchase. Honda Plus is initially available at brand new car purchase only. Visit and inquire at Honda Cars Greenhills

Low Price, No Compromise

Don't Get Lost

Low Maintenance

Mechanical and Repair

Honda Cars Greenhills personnel from the mechanics to service advisors are well trained. Under strict supervision by Honda's engineers we make sure that only qualified people handle your precious vehicles. We take care of your Honda's like we take care of real people.

Service By Appointment Procedure

  • Call the Service Department of Honda Cars Greenhills and ask for the appointment Receptionist
  • Inform the Receptionist of the following :
    • Scope of work to be done
    • Preferred date and time
    • Registered Owner of vehicle for Service
    • Model/Year and Plate Number of vehicle
    • Contact Phone Number
  • The Appointment Receptionist will call you one or two days before the scheduled servicing date to confirm your appointment.

Body and Paint

The Paint

One of the most important component in body repair and restoration, is paint. No less than PPG of America and Standbox of Germany are our chosen paint suppliers.

Both paint companies supply 2K Urethane Paint which is one of the most advance form of paint. 2K gives your car a high gloss finish and lasts long because it is more durable compared to the standard car paint.

The Color Matching Process

HCKI's Color Lab uses computerized color calibration and mixing system to mix paint. this gives precise color match and eliminates guesswork. Paint formulas stored in CD-ROM are updated annually on new colors.

Our lab technician retrieves the formula and mixes paint using digital scale or accuracy up to the last gram.

The Team

Since painting is an art, HCKI hired only the best. Our painting staff has had extensive experiences in foreign countries and has worked in big companies such as BMW, GM and Mercedes Benz.

Training is done on a regular basis in order to keep up with the latest in painting technology.

Other Offered Services

LTO Registration and Renewal

We will save you a lot of time and effort since our LTO Liaison Officers will take care of registering your vehicle.All you need to do is visit us or call and we will register your vehicle at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). After securing your new registration, we will deliver it directly to your home or office.

Vehicle Insurance

Protect your Honda and Drive with Confidence. Honda Cars Greenhills offers Insurance Packages not only for new cars but also for those with existing Insurance Coverages which are due for renewal.

Your car will be insured by Malayan Insurance Company, the country's No. 1 non-life insurance company and a sister company of Honda Cars Greenhills


Corrosion Prevention Tips:

Repair, repaint & retouch scratches and chips to your car's body immediately. Corrosion usually starts at these unpainted, damaged areas.

Have repaired and repainted portions of the car body re-rustproofed immediately.

Have your car's under body checked periodically. Dried up dirt or mud forming under your car's fender acts like a sponge during rainy days.These absorb rainwater which is a major cause of rust. Have a regular periodic car wash whenever situation warrants it. Avoid kerosene and chemicals in washing.

Whenever you have to drill holes in order to install accessories, see to it that the newly drilled holes are cleaned and that steel fillings are completely removed prior to the installation of the car accessory. Steel fillings caught in between the car accessory and the car's body such as the radio antenna may cause rust to form at the newly drilled holes if not cleaned and sealed properly

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