Drive your Desire

With style that exudes individuality and confidence, the HR-V is a crossover you'll always be delighted to see, and be seen in.

Drive your Desire

With style that exudes individuality and confidence, the HR-V is a crossover you'll always be delighted to see, and be seen in.

Price Starts
Php 1,295,000.00

1.8 E CVT   RS Navi CVT


Bold Body Design
Svelte. Stylish. Dynamic. The New Honda HR-V will tug at your emotions and bring new life to your drive. Sharp, sculptured character lines express a unique styling language, while the majestic ride height and protective cladding remind you of its underlying strength. The aerodynamic, coupe-like cabin design represents both on-road speed and the ability to handle ever-changing urban conditions. The HR-V is a commanding road presence. It's what you need, when you need it.

RS Design Front Grille
A Sporty Honeycomb design and glossy black plating ensure a commanding presence
LED Fog Lamps
Take enhanced visbility to a whole new level
RS Design New Black Alloy Wheels
Clad with black and silver tones these wheels give the HR-V a sporty edge
RS Design Front Bumper and Side Sill Garnish
A bold new design that is sophisticated and seductive. This truly is, the most provocative crossover you will ever encounter
Full LED Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights
Superiority commands attention, day and night
RS Design Gloss Black Door Mirrors With Intergrated LED Side Turn Signals
This ingenious detail grabs every motorist's attention to prompt them where you are headed at every turn
Dark Chrome Door Handles
Sporty elegance. Because details matter
Concealed Rear Door Handle
This sculpted detail highlights the HR-V's distinct coupe-like design.
LED Guide-Type Tail Lamps
Braking safety and lighting technology enhance visibility for drivers coming up from behind
Tailgate Spoiler with LED High Mount Stop Lamp
Enhances Safety and acts as an additional stopping precaution
RS Design Rear Bumper and Rear Lower Garnish
Bold in black, this sporty-styled rear leaves an impressions
17-inch Sport Black Alloy Wheels for E CVT Varian
Dark Chrome Front Grille & Black Front Bumper for E CVT Variant
Fog lamps for E CVT Variant
Power Folding & Power Adjustable Door Mirrors with Integrated LED Side Turn Signals for E CVT Variant
Shark Fin Antenna


Surround Your Senses
Step into another world and be enveloped in an elegant, ergonomic environment, where comfort and relaxation are paramount. Be cocooned in sophistication, but have every control at the palm of your hand. The high-deck console brings to mind a sport coupe's interior, proof that the driver always comes first.

7-inch Touchscreen Audio with Navigation (RS Navi CVT)
Auto Air-Conditioning Touch Panel Controls
Swipe up or down to set the cabin's temperature. Fiddling with knobs is a thing of the past.
Floating Illumination Rings
Wide-Flow Air-Conditioning
Designed to beat the heat and cool the cabin more comfortably.
Smart Entry with Push Start System
Keep the key in your pocket, lock and unlock your doors with ease. That’s all there is to it. Push the Start button and the engine comes to life, ready to go.
Steering Wheel Controls
Multi-information Display Control (MID).
Cruise Control
Cruise at the speed you want effortlessly.
Paddle Shifters
For an adrenaline rush, switch gears manually with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.
Eco-Coaching Ambient Meter
Know in real-time if you are driving efficiently with this eco-coach feature. Monitor the gauge cluster as it changes color from white to green. The longer it stays green, the more efficient your fuel consumption is.
ECON Button
When activated, all vital vehicle systems are optimized for improved fuel efficiency.
Earth Dreams Technology Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Enjoy a smoother drive with seamless acceleration. It adjusts to the driving conditions and coaches the engine to operate at the most ef ficient RPM level.
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
Works as a handbrake but with a push of a button. With one finger, activate the parking brake with a gentle pull and deactivate with a push. The parking brake is then released automatically when the accelerator pedal is depressed, and the driver's seatbelt buckled in.
Leather Seats (RS CVT Variant)
Flexible Cargo Capability
Configure the interior of the HR-V for tall, long, or bulky cargo with the 60:40 ULT seats. There’s more than enough space when you drive this crossover.
ULT Mode
Flexible Cargo Capability
Configure the interior of the HR-V for tall, long, or bulky cargo with the 60:40 ULT seats. There’s more than enough space when you drive this crossover.


Power and Economy on Demand

The New Honda HR-V offers an exciting drive. The power and performance of the engine complement the stable, agile, rigid, and lightweight chassis. This clever engine also has an environment-friendly approach that lets you drive guilt-free with the latest in fuel-economy and emission-lowering technology.


Class-Leading Protection
At Honda, safety is of utmost importance. First-in-class features will be found in the HR-V, proof that Honda has no limits when offering a safe and secure journey.

Driver, Front Passenger and Side Airbags
Peace of mind is priceless. Be secure in the knowledge that all passengers are provided with optimal safety.
Multi-View Reverse Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
No other reverse camera offers three angle choices for unsurpassed rearward visibility when backing up. With the Multi-View Reverse Camera, see the normal view, wide view, or top-down view on the display screen conveniently on the dashboard in front of you.
4 Rear Corner Sensors
Slip into and out of tight spots with ease. Sensors will alert you when you get too close to an obstacle and indicate how much space you have left.
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
Drivers can stay in control when the system detects oversteer and understeer during the event of traction loss. Advanced electronics and sensors then automatically adjust steering pressure to help drivers stabilize the car and regain full command.
Hill Start Assist (HSA)
Rolling backward on a hill is a thing of the past.
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) With Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Stopping distances are decreased and steering control remains during panic stops.
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)
Relay the message of a panic and emergency stop to drivers behind you. This system flashes your brake lights rapidly as an added visual warning.
ISO For growing families, secure child-seat mounting points that adhere to international standards are a must. Ease of attachment of child seats is offered in the second row.